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Zander is a Certified Success Coach, thought leader, and corporate speaker that emphasizes in transformational work. His mission is to inspire and empower others to find their success and passion in life. For those that are ready, the promise is not happiness; the promise is mastery. He currently takes on highly motivated personal clients, conducts regular workshops and host large events to help others embrace their full potential. He is also co-authoring his first book ‘Mastering the Art of Success’ with N.Y. Times Best Selling Author Jack Canfield, his long time mentor and friend.

Zander started his career in the world of IT Sales with Cisco Systems.  He quickly climbed the ranks as a top earner designing networks for companies like Disney, NBC, DirecTV, and Sony.  He was on track to becoming one of the youngest leaders in the organization.  During his time as a successful sales executive he also re-discovered his passion for inspiring and empowering others.  He helped lead the early in career program and mentored hundreds of recent college graduates joining the workforce. It was that passion that resulted in him leaving his role in corporate America for a greater calling.

For years, he was obsessed with the idea of success: What it is, who can have it, how to obtain it, and most importantly, how to teach it to others. Thanks to that unhealthy obsession, He spent the better part of the last decade reading books, taking workshops, and meeting with mentors and like-minded individuals from all across the success and leadership industry to refine his understanding of this concept. This journey led him to launching his own success coaching company Sh*t You Don’t Learn in College, designed to empower others with the key life skills they never learned at home and definitely didn’t get in college.

Those that work with him find his authenticity, passion, and playfulness magnetic. His depth of knowledge around what it takes to unlock and achieve one’s dreams is second to none, but his ability to connect and care for those that he applies these principles to is what makes him unique.

  • Former IT Sales Executive
  • Certified Success Coach
  • Corporate Speaker
  • Author of the upcoming book – ‘Mastering the Art of Success’ with Jack Canfield

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