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Yael N. Lazar, Esq., also known as the “IRS AngelTM,” is a tax attorney in Garden City, New York. Yael is a tax resolution expert that is regularly sought out by individuals and businesses with income tax, employment tax and civil penalty liabilities on the IRS and state level. Yael works out a reasonable course of action and overall strategy her clients can live with which, often produces results well beyond their expectations, but most importantly restores her clients’ ability to sleep peacefully without the stress and fear of uncertainty.

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What is your ideal client? My ideal client is any individual or business that has outstanding federal or state tax liabilities and who may or may not have any unfiled tax returns. How do I get started working with you? The first step is to contact the office and make an appointment for a free consultation. During that consultation, we will discuss your particular tax issues and explain to you how the process to resolve these issues works. Once you decide to retain the firm, an engagement letter will be signed as well as all necessary powers of attorney for the firm to commence communication and ultimate resolution with the taxing authorities. What sets your business apart from the others? I am a local tax attorney who genuinely cares about solving your problem. My clients call me their “IRS Angel”. Most national tax firms do not have attorneys on staff and are not qualified to advise you properly on all the different legal options available to solve your tax problem. Furthermore, since my office is local, you can deal face to face with the individual handling your case and not just deal with someone across the country over the telephone. The office is located right across the street from the local IRS and NYS tax offices and over the years we have become familiar with the individuals that work in those offices. Do you really want a company in California, who you can’t meet, handling your sensitive tax matter in New York with individuals they don’t know in the government offices? How do you charge for your services? The billable hour disappeared from the firm many years ago. The firm has adopted a value based billing model. The client is charged a one-time flat fee to resolve their tax problem. You will never receive a bill in the mail.

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