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Robert Keil is a Certified Business Coach and Sales Trainer with Brian Tracy’s FocalPoint team. He loves working with motivated entrepreneurs to transform their business. Additionally, he delivers a sales training program that typically results in 20-30% sales growth in the 6-12 months following the training. Robert is a co-author of Brian Tracy’s upcoming book “The Winning Way”. He is driven by the desire to help his clients to have the time and resources to actually enjoy their success.

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Why do so many small businesses fail? Over 70% of all businesses fail within 10 years of starting up. Over 75% of these failures are preventable because they were the result of lack of knowledge. The entrepreneur may have had a great product but a lack of business, management and marketing skills. Why do business owners need clarity? We need to be crystal clear on our strength and weaknesses. Additionally, we need a clear understanding of what business we are in, who our ideal customer are and what sets us apart from our competition. Once we have clarity on these and a few other items we can design a road map that allows us to achieve our goals in the most efficient way. Without that clarity a business' future will be subject to chance and influences outside the control of the owner. What are the key benefits of having a coach? Most business owners have no one that holds them accountable. A good coach will not hold them accountable to make sure they follow through on their projects to continually improve the business, but they are also cheerleaders and motivators as needed. Additionally, most business owners don't have the time they need to stay on top of the ever changing trends in business. A qualified coach will spend a significant portion of his time on continuing education so that he can provide the information clients don't have to time to find on their own. What makes a coach different from a consultant? A consultant is hired to do the work for the client. A coach will not do the work for the client, but transfer knowledge. This way the business owner can internalize the principles that will guide them for the rest of their careers. Who should hire a business coach? Every business that realizes that not working on the business continually means the business is regressing. The most successful entrepreneurs always surround themselves with qualified advisers that add differing viewpoints, knowledge and insights.

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