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Frans is President and CEO of Intelecis, a thriving, proactive and business tech focused IT firm located in Southern California, where he grew up after his family fled from Indonesia when he was four. In this capacity, he is frequently invited to share his expertise on IT and Cybersecurity to large groups of professionals in the escrow, healthcare insurance and financial services industries. The multi-faceted speaker, mentor, investor, and philanthropist is now also a rising force in personal development and leadership coaching. Helping his peers and clients envision a bigger picture for themselves, the provocative question he challenges them to explore is: “Now that you’ve done all this, what is your Version 2.0?”

One of the key components of Frans’ mission and branding as a multi-faceted thought leader, coach and success influencer is his ability to connect with entrepreneurs and CEOs, who, like him, have experienced waves of great economic triumphs and downturns – and emerged from downswings stronger and more determined to succeed than ever. He currently takes an active part and leadership role on the board for Entrepreneur Organization’s Accelerator Program, seeking the counsel of other successful entrepreneurs as he shares his experiences with them.

Before entering the IT world in 2010, Frans was a prominent property developer, real estate investor and Founder and President of Trisnadi Capital Partners. His personal comeback story includes the hard won wisdom he gained from the dark period of his career between this venture and the founding of Intelecis. At one point, he grew his investment firm from zero to over $40MM in assets. And then, due in part to the Great Recession on top of speculative investments in destination rentals, the bottom fell out – leaving him and his partners with millions of dollars in personal guarantees.

During the years when Trisnadi Capital Partners was growing, Trisnadi recognized the need for more computers, servers and phone systems. He knew they needed to leverage technology to make his team more efficient while he was traveling around the country looking for investment opportunities. But he wasn’t able to find an IT company that offered a flat-rate monthly fee, or one that would act as his IT department and have full accountability for its services. Those firms he hired were more interested in finger-pointing and “putting out fires” than taking a proactive approach that helps avoid breakdowns, smooth business operations and ultimately, turn technology into a competitive advantage instead of a drain on his time, money and resources – all of which became hallmarks of Intelecis.

With the initial inspiration and support of his wife Jenny, Trisnadi recently launched We Care America, a group of volunteers raising funds, awareness and creating “ready to go” packages for America’s homeless. Trisnadi loves involving his two young sons in the creation and distribution of these packages so that they become aware of how blessed and fortunate they are. Trisnadi’s family usually keeps their cars stocked with We Care America Packages. He believes that with the help of corporate sponsors, generous donations by fellow Americans, volunteers and paid staff, We Care America has the potential to impact the homeless across the country.


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