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Dr. Benny Morris is a noted self-help author, leadership and teambuilding expert, keynote speaker, and encouragement coach. His rise from adversity and his vast knowledge of human behavior and spiritual completeness qualifies him as a leading authority on achieving personal development breakthroughs. He’s the author of the groundbreaking new book – The Valeo Method™ and the creator of the Valeo Method™ and Conscious Core Conditioning™ rapid change technologies.
His greatest joy is coaching people through life’s toughest challenges and adversities to a complete and total turnaround. His warmth, sincerity and dynamic presentation style at his Live Victoriously Weekend Seminars leaves audiences invigorated, encouraged and wanting more.
Dr. Benny loves working with entrepreneurs, companies, churches, high school and college students and everyday people. He teaches them life skills to create more “team” in all areas of their lives, to overcome fears, failures and obstacles and take charge of their future.
His philosophy is this, “There is no such thing as a born leader, but everyone is born with a leadership spirit. You just need to know how to activate it! You leadership spirit is attached to your purpose. When I show you how to find your purpose then becoming a leader is natural and automatic.”

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Who are YOU? I am a passionate and effective Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Leadership and Team Building Expert. I show people how to see themselves in a way they have never seen themselves before, I ignite their hearts and stir new energy, potential and hope that is dormant inside. I help people wanting more but just don’t know the best way to started. What am I about? I am about teaching people to take charge of their lives, live their intended purpose and become a leader in their area of gifts and talents. I show people how to live their dreams and leave a legacy to the next generations instead of doing what most people do, and that is they die with their song never sung. In this competitive world, what sets your business apart? My technologies for rapid change “The Valeo Method™ and Conscious Core Conditioning™” I get results, long term lasting results for my clients, not temporary relief! No hype no broken promises, just guaranteed results or you pay nothing! Who is your ideal customer? Anyone who is stuck in their life or business and are ready to understand why they are stuck and want to discover a deeper sense of purpose, maximize their potential, and unleash their leadership spirit. That could be an individual, a company, or an organization of any kind. Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for to learn more? Yes, go to www.DrEncourage.com How do I get started working with you? Call or email me for a no obligation appointment to explore the possibilities of us working together. Numbers and email are on this page. God bless you and be encouraged!

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