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25 years of Fortune 500 company experience in Sales, Sales Training and Field Sales Management. Author of results-producing sales training and Value Creation programs for Sales and Relationship Management organizations in the Fortune 500.

Author of the proven D-Suite Selling system, The 90 Day Dash, and The Art of the Close sales training programs for Mutual Fund Wholesalers, Retirement Salespeople and CRMs, and Financial Advisors.

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What is special about your brand of sales training? We focus on value creation vs. selling your product. Salespeople need to lead with their business acumen and insights vs. their solution. Why do client hire you? For two reasons. One, for my thought leadership in the area of value creation. Two, for my ability to make training stick. We apply sophisticated instructional design principles to every engagement and work hard at retention. What do you after your training sessions? We run live sales challenge workout sessions that allow salespeople to being their most vexing sales challenges into a forum of their peers to gain multiple perspectives on how to advance their opportunity. Are their any industries that you specialize in? I worlk in fiecely competitive industries that some say have been commoditized: Rental Car, Employee Benefits and Energy to name a few. How should a client engage you? I'm very well versed in numerous client challenges. I love to start by looking at a client's sales process. To me, that's very telling and holds a good deal of insight into what traning might be needed.

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