Don't Die Of A Broken Heart – Mend It While You Have A Chance

In a society where the phrase “diet and exercise” is repeated millions of times over in a 24-hour period of time, it comes as no surprise that everyone is conscious of their health. Even preschoolers know the difference between healthy and unhealthy. But being aware of it does not automatically mean success when everything is tried in the pursuit of health. This is particularly true when it comes to weight loss for obese individuals.

I ask the question that many people need the answer to in order to survive: What to do when diet and exercise is not enough?

It turns out, a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that followed patients of bariatric surgery for an average of almost fifteen years reveals cardiac benefits of the once-controversial weight loss surgery. Researchers at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden learned that death due to cardiovascular-related complications were reduced by 53% in recipients of bariatric surgery.

Obesity is deadly. It’s as if with each heavy step forward, knees aching and back breaking – there are chains strapped to overweight people as they literally walk straight into the shadow of their own grave. But like so many illnesses obesity is one ailment that is completely reversible. If you are one of the countless people that just can’t seem to get diet and exercise to do what they are supposed to – there is hope.

The very first step is rather than give up, try to get to the root of your problem. One very successful route is seeking psychological counseling to uncover underlying emotional issues that contribute to eating compulsions. Getting to the core is by far the best way to attack weight-related issues because it does just that – gets to the very heart of why you’re eating the way you are.

So when I say, “Don’t die of a broken heart” I’m saying a multitude of things. Try to live healthy. Strong nutritional values and solid exercise outlook provides and continues to feed healthy living. If that is not enough, talk to someone that can help you learn the reasons for the choices you make over and over again; choices that lead to and perpetuate obesity. Relationships end and people eat to self-soothe. Relationships end because people eat to self-sooth. But if you manage your psyche behind these things, you can enjoy the promise of long-lasting relationships that have nothing to do with food except enjoying a healthy meal together.

When all else fails, there is bariatric surgery. While it is not the first option, it is definitely the better option when you consider the alternatives. As a social media medicine expert, surgery is not the first approach I take with my patients. But it isn’t the last. Especially in light of this new study, I am even more convinced that working to solve the problem of obesity is essential – so much so that if all else fails, trying surgery makes sense. Since weight loss and the endeavor to stay on top of the pinnacle of health is an ongoing struggle for so many, the conversation continued on a recent edition of the Wellness for the REAL World show. Guests of the show include a veteran bariatric surgeon with over 3,700 surgeries performed to date and a psychologist/author with first-hand experience. An excellent resource for more information on bariatric surgery options, the show delves into greater detail with respect to the varying types of weight-loss surgeries out there.

It is very important not to underestimate the power of counseling. So many people neglect to realize the significance of attacking the very emotional triggers responsible for overeating in their lives. If anything, a quality reputable therapist can work to get you to begin the process of venting the issues in your life. Therapy can accomplish major strides and help you to explore other ways of dealing with stress, emptiness and emotional gaps, otherwise filled by unhealthy emotional eating.

If nothing else works, consult a surgeon. The best thing you can do for your health is to lose weight and if that means the only way to lose weight is through surgery, then so be it. We know that bariatric surgery significantly reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and lowers the chance of dying as a result of either. So the outcome of your weight loss whether you diet and exercise or choose surgery will be the same – only with added years of longevity and prosperity of health if you find you have no other choice than to come under the knife.

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