The Lemonade Stand Is Dead: Teaching Your Kids Entrepreneurship

Apparently the good old lemonade stand has been made illegal! In fact worse than just getting shut down kids and their families are actually receiving fines if they are caught. Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more silly regulations to be enforced right? So how do you teach your kids about entrepreneurship if they can’t put up a lemonade stand?

It is clear that with the way the economy is going and the changes we are seeing in the business world that the only way for you to truly equip your children to provide for themselves in the future and have the chance to live a really full life is to teach them entrepreneurship.

School obviously ill equips students to leave and open their own businesses, let alone even manage their own money. Unfortunately as we can see their isn’t going to be much of a future, at least not a reliable one for those who simply graduate and plan on working for someone else until retirement. So a good start is to begin by teaching them about how to manage their money, how to save and how different types of investments work. You can start out simply by playing games like Monopoly and move up to using stock picking tools and simulators online. Give them a virtual account or an allowance and guide them on how to get the most out of it.

However, this all still just scratches the surface. There are many young entrepreneurs from 12 to teens who have capitalized on the Internet and even outsourcing to build incredible businesses and even make a ton of money. Why not teach them how to put up a WordPress blog or use basic website builders to create their own websites? It is really so simple these days that even a 5 year old can do it.

Encourage them to follow their passions and do something they are excited about. Perhaps they can share video game tips, sell used toys, raise funds for different causes or even something much more revolutionary. Encourage them to begin building their networks now. Just imagine if you still had connections with anyone you had ever met and had them as social media followers and blog subscribers. How much bigger would your list be now? Perhaps you may even find that they can give you ideas or even help out with building your own business. Not every child may appreciate it now but you can be confident that they will later in life and perhaps find the gift of entrepreneurship the most powerful and important thing you could ever do for them.

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