Good Nutrition That Goes Straight To Your Head

B vitamins offer a wide range of nutritional benefits. One in particular – folate – takes healthy eating to a higher level: your brain.

We talk a lot about diet food that develops lean muscle, how to eat healthy to shrink belly fat, and other healthy weight loss tips. But what good are all of those efforts if you can’t enjoy your life with a healthy brain and a happy outlook?

Folate might be able to help. It has been shown to keep people from developing clinically-diagnosed forms of cognitive impairment, which is when memory loss, problems with language, and decreased reasoning abilities are worse than they typically should be.

Folate helps fight off the risk of dementia, too. It also may be a factor in reducing the risk of depression.

Foods that are already included in your healthy eating plan most likely are good sources of folate. High amounts of the vitamin are found in a bunch of different vegetables and fruits. Using even more of them as diet food in healthy meals can give you better protection against the unfortunate mental conditions that were mentioned.

Add sunflower seeds to yogurt and oatmeal for a unique crunch, corn and peas to soups and healthy casseroles, or strawberries/oranges/bananas to iceberg and romaine lettuce for a refreshing salad. Use beans (particularly lima, kidney, and great northern) as a side dish.

Try okra, avocado, beets, or lentils for the first time. Keep an open mind to the good nutrition for your mind.

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