Holly Green

Company: The Human Factor
CEO and Managing Director
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Holly is currently the CEO and Managing Director of THE HUMAN FACTOR, Inc. (www.TheHumanFactor.biz). Ms. Green has more than 20 years of executive level and operations experience in FORTUNE 100, entrepreneurial, and management consulting organizations. She was previously President of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a global consulting and training organization as well as LumMed, Inc. a biotech start up. She has a broad background in strategic planning, organization design and development, process improvement, and leadership assessment and development. She has been responsible for and successfully designed and built the necessary infrastructure in several organizations. Experiences include working as both an internal and an external resource for multinational corporations including The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Dell Computer, Bass Hotels & Resorts, QUALCOMM, Expedia, Inc., Celanese, RealNetworks, Inc., Microsoft and Google. Holly is known as someone who gets things done and has led turnarounds as well as hyper growth organizations.

With a proven track record of value-added delivery and as a sought-after speaker and consultant, she has received national recognition. Holly conducts more than 50 workshops annually for Vistage, the worlds’ largest CEO membership organization. She was recently awarded her second speaker of the year award. She is also a frequent keynote speaker for numerous corporate and professional associations. Her recently published book, More Than A Minute: How To Be An Effective Leader & Manager In Today’s Changing World (Career Press, September 2008, MoreThanaMinute.com) lends voice to her corporate experience and goes beyond the theory of leading and managing by providing practical action oriented information to those aspiring for greatness in business. Holly also recently co-founded the Management Development Institute, offering a comprehensive certificate program in management.

Holly graduated Summa cum laude with her Bachelors degree in behavioral sciences and with Distinction with her Master of Science degree in organization development from American University in Washington, D.C. She also has her Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR), Change Management and Total Quality Management certifications. She is currently on the staff at Webster University and teaches courses in the graduate program. Holly also teaches for the University of California San Diego, Rady School of Management in the executive education program and at the University of San Diego in the Leading Strategically program.

Holly is a board member of Total Training, Inc. and serves on the Speaker Advisory Board for Vistage International. She is a member of the Corporate Director’s Forum and has served in numerous company and not for profit organizations. She is an active member of the Chairmen’s Roundtable, a nonprofit organization of senior executives providing pro bono strategic advice to mid-sized businesses and serves as a mentor in California State University’s Center for Leadership and Mentoring.

For more information about Holly G. Green, please visit www.TheHumanFactor.biz or MoreThanaMinute.com

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Who are YOU? What are you all about?

My mission is to help others be insanely successful!

As a business consultant, I work with companies of all sizes to:

  • Design and implement strategic plans that actually work.
  • Identify and overcome the unspoken assumptions and beliefs (about their customers, markets and businesses) that are holding them back from achieving the results they want.
  • Develop the systems, processes and leadership skills necessary to compete in today’s rapidly changing markets.

As a keynote speaker, I address audiences on several topics of import for today’s business leaders:

  • Overwhelmed by Complexity? Get Rid of Strategic Planning & Get Agile How to make the shift from strategic planning to strategic agility.
  • Are You Swift? How to move fast with focus and flexibility in today’s rapidly changing markets.
  • Reboot & Reload: Think Differently, Innovate & Win How to eliminate the “thought bubbles” that keep you stuck in the past and trigger your brain to increase innovation so you keep winning.

Click here to learn more about me: http://www.thehumanfactor.biz/about-us/our-team.

In this competitive world, what sets your business apart?

I go beyond traditional strategic planning and teach organizations how to develop strategic agility.

Today’s markets offer almost unlimited opportunities for companies that can move quickly while staying focused on the right things. The problem is that most companies charge ahead without really thinking about which opportunities are right for them and what they need to do to take advantage of them.

I teach companies how to “slow down to go fast” by showing them how to pause, think, focus, and run. As a result, my clients learn how to get it right the first time, so they avoid costly “do-overs” and stay ahead of their competitors.

Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal client is someone who needs help:

  • Setting the vision, mission and direction for their organization (defining what winning looks like)
  • Designing and implementing strategic plans
  • Overcoming organizational challenges that never seem to get resolved
  • Developing leadership within the organization
  • Changing the way they think about their customers and markets
  • Making innovation a way of life

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Distributed every few weeks, The Human Factor newsletter provides tips, tools, and techniques for becoming a more effective leader and manager in today’s rapidly changing world.

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How do I get started working with you?

Visit my website at http://www.thehumanfactor.biz Email me at holly@thehumanfactor.biz Or call me at 858.401.9380.