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Sunny Bhakta Shrestha

Nepal Born Sunny Bhakta Shrestha is the M.D of Max Promo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. an IT company , speaker and an in-demand internet marketer, Web-developer and business owner who is sought after by many professional companies who have achieved success. Sunny helpshis clients to have their business established online. Sunny has over 10 years of experience in the field of internet marketing & online promotions. Sunny can identify the best ways to go for online presence & promoting ones business & services. Sunny stays on the forefront of Information Technology through his never ending research on internet best revenue generation programs / platforms. Sunny is the Alumini of one of the computer engineering college in kathmandu, Nepal. And a distinction holder from Aptech computer Institution in computer related studies. Sunny is also the internet online consultant for Rotary Club of Rajdhani & many other well established names in Nepal. After becoming the M.D. of Max Promo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. at the age of just 25 he is driving the company to continuous progress. Sunny uses the internet most advance and powerful tools to generate online revenue from proven systems which takes out the guess work from online investments & revenue generation. When he is not researching about IT & internet marketing, he enjoys doing yoga, workouts, spending time with his family and like minded friends. Sunny’s mission is to help people takeout the guess work from online revenue generation by providing a clear path to the people to follow for online success. Sunny is also working with Nepali Online portals to spread the good ways of going online for promoting & making online presence & earning revenue from internet using its full potential. His vision is to empower the people by providing a clear path to follow using the internet as a tool for progress and success by which people can earn and learn at the same time, improving the quality of life for all who are ready to make progress and who are dedicated to their own success. You can connect with Sunny at:  

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Gordon Dey

Gordon has been assisting homebuyers and sellers for more than 20 years. When Gordon began his real estate career, he was serving the US as a Marine and working in real estate as a part-time […]

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James Fox

With over 25 years of experience in the financial service industry, featured in several national publications, and a best selling co-author, Jim has seen it all, but most valuable is the evolution of the Annuity. […]

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Is Soft Disclosure your answer to IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure?

We handle a lot of inquiries from taxpayers trying to figure out if they really need to enter into the 2012 IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. Oftentimes, we are told that a CPA has recommended […]

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Don't Die Of A Broken Heart – Mend It While You Have A Chance

In a society where the phrase “diet and exercise” is repeated millions of times over in a 24-hour period of time, it comes as no surprise that everyone is conscious of their health. Even preschoolers […]

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The Lemonade Stand Is Dead: Teaching Your Kids Entrepreneurship

Apparently the good old lemonade stand has been made illegal! In fact worse than just getting shut down kids and their families are actually receiving fines if they are caught. Just when you thought there […]

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New Estate and Gift Rules

Congress has clarified the estate and gift tax rules. Estate transfers are transfers of property at death while gifts are transfers of property during one’s lifetime. Congress has allowed property to be transferred tax-free, but […]

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